1 Night In Paris
1 Night In Paris
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Occupy Paris: Why this Heiress is the top one percent!

Paris Hilton is the blond socialite without a conscience!  This former model comes from the top one percent, the heiress of the Hilton Hotel Empire.  It doesn't get any better than that here in the United States!  Miss Heiress Paris decided the only way to get back to the bottom was with a sex tape!  Paris Hilton has one of the hottest selling sex tapes of all time called 1 Night in Paris with an ex-fling/boyfriend Rick Salomon.  This homemade sex tape was released in 2003, one week prior to the premier of the reality television show the Simple Life, in which Paris was starring.

From the looks of it, Paris Hilton didn't seem to need any help in publicity, however it didn't seem to hurt her reputation as predicted.  The Paris Hilton sex tape launched her into an overnight sensation leading to endorsements, reality television offers, and plans to head a fashion empire.

1 Night in Paris was an interesting experiment! This Paris Hilton sex tape is one you can't miss.  Paris, the pornographic pioneer, demonstrates what it means to be in the top one percent (we 99 percent wouldn't understand otherwise) and Stud muffin Salomon, shows Paris what the tip one percent feels like!  What can you expect from this sex tape is a bit of vaginal penetration, cunnilingus, and a full cum shot! The sex tape was filmed with one stationary tripod camera using night vision, and interesting choice.  However, there are a few scenes filmed without night vision- a favorite among those who want to occupy Paris is scene where she is performing oral sex on Salomon which gives us (the 99 percent) some serious pleasure!  Who said you can't get some satisfaction from insider trading, sums, cums, and some occupying...of Paris!

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